We are not your average gym.

Kai Thai Academy offers a program for anyone and everyone. The KTA family is made up of fighters, students of the arts, and health minded individuals. Our programs are a functional alternative to the traditional martial arts schools.

We Are Dedicated to Everything Fitness

We strive to be the best both individually and as an organization. It’s important to us to raise health awareness and promote general well-being. We are a growing contributor to the community and active in numerous events in and around the community. We believe it’s all about giving back.

Kru Bishop Holmes

Don’t tell me you want to fight. Don’t call yourself a fighter. Just come in and train.


Kru Holmes has brought together a blend of functional Martial Arts by way of The Kai Thai Academy of Martial Arts. Not simply a “Mixed Martial Arts” or “Muay Thai” school. KTA represents a grouping of fighting arts that are realistic and advantageous not only for competition and sport, but also very functional in real life situations that may threaten your own personal safety. On top of that, Kru Holmes is a believer in the importance of a healthy lifestyle and peak physical conditioning. He incorporates this belief system into the very make up of everyday training at the academy.



Women Only Classes

If you want to experience the benefits of a customized workout program that focuses on your core areas, then try one of our personalized training classes. You’ll be hooked in five minutes!


Group Workout Classes

Sometimes we all need a little motivation to make it to the gym every week. These group workout classes will get you pumped (literally) for the gym!


Youth Classes

At Kai Thai Academy we believe our youth are our future. We not only help them learn self defense, but we also make sure they learn respect. No matter what it’s always about having fun!